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Not got it!!!!!!

Drew, 31 Dec 2020

Ordered online at 1645 pm got confirmation it would be 45 minutes until delivery, phone them up four times got told it was out for delivery eventually it arrived at 1840pm , the meal I received was just hot but my wife’s was barley warm she ate some but not a lot really it was £29.00 wasted most went in the bin .

Barry, 31 Dec 2020

always good great taste and portions.

Paula, 31 Dec 2020

Sent me lamb tikka massala instead of chicken. i dont like lamb so had to pick it out

NoName, 30 Dec 2020

Madhu, 27 Dec 2020

Very tasty meal.

Gregory, 24 Dec 2020


I usually never have a problem when ordering from here but last night my ordered turned up without the rice, fairly cold & my chicken tikka was really pink inside. Hopefully if I choose to order again it’ll be a lot better.

Amy, 16 Dec 2020

Very poor all round. One portion of chicken pakora was very tough and struggled to cut the chicken. Both mains lacked the original taste, korma and tikka Marsala. Still looking for it. Ordered a cheese and garlic and cheese Nan and sent 2 plain band. Total waste of £40 and will not be back

Claire, 12 Dec 2020

Delivery over 1hour, few times now, usually good.

Alex, 09 Dec 2020

Our favourite Indian take away

Darren, 13 Nov 2020


Stuart, 10 Nov 2020

Always on time

Paul, 08 Nov 2020


Without doubt, the food we had tonight was the best Indian food we’ve had in the year we’ve lived up here. My Vind-(aloo) actually had potato in it. They don’t seem to do that normally up here. Minor, I know, but little things make the difference. Didn’t give a five purely because the chips were stone cold and hard. Which was a shame. Sort your chips out and you would get a 5* from me. Nice touch with the free onion bhajis.

Paul, 07 Nov 2020

Best Indian in Carlisle.

Pauline, 01 Nov 2020

2nd experience - Waited over 2 hours for a big order, not picking up phone, nor fb message for their 'live chat', should not accpet orders if theyre too busy. Never ordering from here again.

Rachael, 17 Oct 2020


His food was nice, mine not so much.

Claire, 17 Oct 2020


Paul, 16 Oct 2020


I have not received my food

Brenda, 10 Oct 2020

Lovely meal but missing a chicken chat from our package.. ??

Jackie, 10 Oct 2020


I would like to apologise for my bad review that I have since removed. I have never had prawn curry before and complained that they were not prawns. They are prawns but they were prepared in a typical way that I was completely unaware of. I am seriously apologetic.

Andrew, 09 Oct 2020

Delicious food and very friendly service. The best curry in Carlisle.

Beata, 09 Oct 2020


Kevin, 28 Sep 2020

As usual a very good meal ,cannot fault it 100%

Barry, 26 Sep 2020


sadly the Peshwari Naan was missing from our order. Usually brilliant food and service

Alison, 26 Sep 2020


Absolutely lovely food and fast delivery.

Dan, 30 Aug 2020


Absolutely delicious as ever and fantastic service!! One of favourites in Carlisle

Jessica, 26 Jun 2020